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Reeder 4 Review: Good with Some Copy Errors

This was a really cool read and free from Matt’s website. This isn’t a basics overview; it presumes you’ve used an RSS reader before and that you know how to use iOS and its features. It goes over why he likes Reeder, the different views, styling...

Front-end Developer Handbook: A Collection of Links

This book isn’t so much of a handbook as it is a collection of resources. It is a bit opinionated; Cody’s view on frontend software development these days is a jaded one and with good reason. I’d have preferred if his bias would have been left out...

JavaScript ES5 to ESNext: Brief and to the Point

There was not much in this book that I didn’t know, but what I didn’t know this book explained it quite well. There were things I had heard of like Maps, WeakMaps, Sets, and WeakSets that didn’t quite make sense to me but Flavio gave me the gist o...

Excerpts of Things I'll Never Say: Help This Girl Pls

A book that is a look into the thoughts of a young, depressed teen girl from an oppressive country.