Steal Like An Artist: Good with Flaws

I read this book some time ago in paper form if I recall. I was a budding writer then and I wanted to see how other writers got their inspiration and motivation to craft important literary works. It seemed like a good bet because this book was selling like mad and I saw the cover everywhere online.

For the time it was written and for who I was then when I read it, it was helpful…for a minute.

And as I read it again some 7 or 8 years later, I see where it fails.

I’m no longer someone who wants to write important literary works

I guess it isn’t the books failing in this regard. He mentions that you can apply this across disciplines and he even has quotes from software engineers. But how often do we read books like these, get inspired, go gung ho out of the gate to only stop applying the principles in the book a month or so after we’ve read it?

The failing with this book, then, is that he is targeting this to creatives as a creative. There is only so much one creative can teach another. As someone who wrote flash fiction and was published a couple times in literary magazines, the best advice I received about becoming good was to read everything and write.

He mentions this in the book. Steal Like an Artist. That is the only thing in this book that someone could take away from it. The rest is just flotsam in a sea of other self-help tomes.